Memphis has multiple motorcycle clubs and associations, which means there are many riders on the streets. This unfortunately makes crashes more likely. While the rules of liability are generally the same no matter which vehicles are involved, there are some unique aspects about Memphis motorcycle accidents that a Board-certified motorcycle crash attorney can assist with. David E. Gordon can help you file suit for damages after you suffered losses in this incident.

Does Memphis Require Special Training to Ride?

To get a motorcycle license in Tennessee, a person must pass both a knowledge exam and an on-cycle skill test. The knowledge test questions cover information found in the Tennessee Motorcycle Manual, which can be viewed online. The test consists of 30 multiple-choice questions about the rules of the road and safe biking practices. A person must score at least a 24 in order to pass. If they pass the written test, they will also have to pass an on-cycle skill test similar to the exam required to get a normal driver’s license. Motorcyclists are held to the same standards of safe driving as any other motorist. There is no extra burden placed on them compared to other drivers.

Is There an Age Limit to Get a License?

The minimum age required to apply for a motorcycle license in Tennessee is 15 years old. In addition, riders must be able to demonstrate that they meet the state’s other application requirements such as passing the written test and the on-cycle skills test. They cannot apply for a full license until they are 16 years old.

Differences from Other Types of Accidents

Motorcycle accidents in Memphis are unique from automobile accidents because the injuries tend to be more severe. The motorcyclist has little protection to their body at the time of the crash. This is why it is critical to wear a helmet anytime a person goes out on a motorcycle, which can also protect someone from being deemed partially liable when fighting for compensation.

Motorcycle accidents are more common than bicycle accidents because motorcyclists are traveling in the same lane as cars and trucks. Bicyclists, on the other hand, are moving slowly compared to cars, and sometimes ride in a special lane along the curb, lowering their risk of being hit.

Unique Aspects That Out-of-state Riders Should Know

Unlike some other states, Tennessee law requires motorcyclists to wear helmets. The fact that out-of-state motorcyclists might be unaware of the Tennessee law will not be a viable defense and they should still expect to get a ticket even if they live far away. Memphis is one of the biggest cities in the state of Tennessee. This means that there is a great deal of motor vehicle traffic, which makes it more dangerous to ride on the roadway. Even though vehicles travel at greater speeds on the highway, it is usually traffic congestion that causes the most accidents.

Memphis automobile drivers do not like motorcyclists, they do not respect motorcyclists, and they do not watch out for motorcyclists. It is not unusual for bikers to be injured in an accident in which the other motorist says they did not see the biker. They should avoid heavy-traffic areas and instead use some of the highways near the city in which riding a motorcycle can be done more safely.

Finding a Compassionate Lawyer

A quality attorney in Memphis should appreciate what riding a motorcycle means to their client. They should understand that, despite the dangers, riding a motorcycle provides a source of pleasure and anxiety-relief for a number of individuals. Many people take pride in their bikes and their freedom to ride them.

David knows every aspect of compensation to which his client is entitled, including economic, non-economic, and potentially punitive damages. Economic damages can include all of their medical bills, property damage, the wages they lost out on while recovering, and wages they might lose out on in the future. Non-economic damages include compensation for their pain and suffering, scarring, disability, and loss of enjoyment of life, among others. Punitive damages only come into play if the defendant was being intentional or reckless when the crash occurred.

Learn About the Unique Aspects of Memphis Motorcycle Accidents from an Attorney

Although the rules for motorcycle riders are not generally different than the rules for car or truck drivers, there are still certain considerations that one must take if they intend to ride. They are less protected from the elements, less visible to other motorists, and have a higher chance of sustaining a serious injury. David E. Gordon understands the unique aspects of Memphis motorcycle accidents and can advise you on your legal rights. Call now to learn more information.

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