Motorcycles are a fun way for many people to travel on the open roads but the danger level is higher than with typical cars. There are numerous safety measures for riding motorcycles in Memphis that every rider should adhere to. In the event that you were in an accident and need legal representation, Board-certified motorcycle accident attorney David E. Gordon can assist you in your claim.

Preparing to Ride a Motorcycle

Most motorcycle accidents occur within the city limits, not on the interstate or state highway. It is important that motorcyclists recognize this so they can be especially careful in the city, by driving slowly and having excellent lighting. Before starting a motorcycle trip, the driver should be sure that all of their lights are functioning properly, and that their headlight or brake light is illuminated. Tennessee law also requires that every motorcyclist wear a helmet when riding.

Sharing the motorcycle seat with a passenger is dangerous because the driver does not have the freedom that they need to operate the vehicle properly. If a passenger is present, they must also ride with a high-quality helmet.

Recommended Lane Positioning

The available safety measures for riding a motorcycle in Memphis are not limited to equipment and protecting. Once on the road, riders should operate in the right lane unless they are passing another vehicle. In that event, it is fine for the biker to be in the center or left lane, but the safe route would be to return to the right lane after passing. This is especially true on interstate highways.

Unfortunately, one of the common causes of a crash between a motorcycle and another vehicle is the failure of the other vehicle to see the motorcyclist. This means that riders need to take extra caution around other vehicles. Motorcycles are smaller than cars and truck, which means it is easier to get lost in a blind spot.

Avoiding Accidents

In order to avoid a crash with another vehicle, it is sometimes necessary for the rider to go down on their motorcycle – also known as “putting it down.” This will result in torn clothing and road rash, but it could prevent serious injury. It is impossible to expect the motorcyclist to turn toward a vehicle approaching from their right or left in an effort to go behind it and avoid the accident.

Dangerous Weather Conditions

Difficult weather conditions present another obstacle to the motorcyclist, who are not only at a disadvantage because of the vehicle size, but who face reduced vision since they do not have a windshield or wipers. Rain, sleet, and snow not only make the roadway difficult for all travelers – it limits their ability to see.

Ordinarily, the law governing Memphis drivers makes no allowance for the weather, meaning that drivers are expected to alter their driving in order to meet whatever circumstances face them. It is no defense for a person to say that they could not stop because the roads were icy. If the snow and ice only began to fall after a person started riding, they might be able to claim that there was nothing they could do to avoid the accident. However, this is only relevant in extremely rare situations. The best safety measure when it comes to dangerous weather in Memphis is to not ride a motorcycle at all.

The Benefits of a Camera

A camera is a great piece of equipment to have built on to a motorcycle or a helmet. Almost every commercial vehicle is now equipped with a camera. and video of the accident could be vital in establishing fault. If the video clearly showed fault on the part of the defendant, that is often enough to get the insurance carrier to pay the claim without putting up much of a fight.

In addition to a camera, motorcyclist should carry their driver’s license, insurance information, and the name and address of a person to contact in the event of a crash.

Consult an Attorney for the Best Safety Measures when Riding Motorcycles in Memphis

The general public stereotypes about motorcyclists are that they are reckless and arrogant. Nothing could be further from the truth. For every motorcyclist who flies past someone at more than 80 miles per hour, there are dozens of others who follow the speed limit and take care to follow the rules of the road. Most motorcyclists are extremely careful and have a great understanding of the rules of the road, including the rights of other motor vehicles.

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