Water sports and leisure are enjoyed by many individuals in Mississippi each year. However, if negligence occurs on the part of a boat operator, a fun or relaxing day on the water could turn a person’s life upside-down unexpectedly.

Fortunately, if you have been injured in a water-related event, you could recover compensation for your losses by bringing a personal injury claim against a negligent party and hiring dedicated attorney David E. Gordon. With the help of an Olive Branch boat accident lawyer, you could move forward with your claim to find financial relief.

Common Causes of Mississippi Boat Accidents

There are many common reasons that watercraft could collide. These could include:

Careless and Reckless Operation of a Boat

Every year, many boaters operate their vessels in a reckless manner that leads to serious accidents and causes significant harm to others. Allowing passengers to sit in areas where they should not be, violating wake rules, failing to watch out for other boaters in the area, and failing to pay attention to what is happening around them are all among common reasons for vessel collisions.

Excessive Speed

Watercraft operators are supposed to stay aware of their speeds as they are engaging in activities because they owe a duty of care to all other boaters on the water. When a boater is traveling at top speeds, they could easily lose control of their watercraft and cause a serious and life-threatening accident with another vessel.

Intoxicated Boating

Just as with vehicle drivers on the road, boaters must also abide by drinking and driving laws on the water. This means that boaters cannot operate a boat while they are under the influence. A boater is not permitted to have a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of over 0.08 percent, and this law applies both locally and federally. Operating a watercraft under the influence puts passengers and others in the area at serious risk.

Inexperienced Boating

The driver of a boat may not be as experienced as expected, which means that they may not know enough about their watercraft to be operating it on open waters. Those who are inexperienced are more likely to be involved in a catastrophic accident.

It is always important to know if the captain of a boat is familiar with that particular vessel and if they have operated one in the past. Boaters must also abide by many regulations and should be up to date on all current rules and laws of the water.

Holding a Party Liable for a Wreck

Multiple people could be responsible for a collision, so it is important to consult a legal advisor in the area, such as David, to help determine liability. When somebody operates a boat in a negligent manner, they could be held liable for the harm that results. Those who operate boats must adhere to precautions and the rules of the waterways. If a claimant can determine that the operator did not act reasonably on the water, they could demand that the negligent party pay for their losses.

If a passenger causes a captain to lose control of their watercraft, they could be held liable for the accident. Those injured in a boat accident need to identify who is at fault in order to be successful in their claim.

Receiving Compensation After an Olive Branch Watercraft Collision

If an individual receives injuries in a boating accident, holding a negligent party liable for their damages could be the fastest way to recovery. Some common types of compensation stemming from these accidents include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost income due to missing work
  • Medication costs
  • Lost earning capacity for the future
  • Pain and suffering
  • Damage to property

A skilled representative from the area could help calculate damages and work to recover the most amount of damages possible.

Seeking the Help of an Olive Branch Boat Accident Attorney

Vessel wrecks caused by reckless acts such as distracted operation and boating under the influence can be seriously harmful and cause devastating damage. If you have received injuries in a boat accident and you have evidence that another party is at fault, you should seek the help of an Olive Branch boat accident lawyer.

David E. Gordon and his dedicated legal team can help you move forward with filing a claim so that you can receive the compensation you deserve during these difficult times. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

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