Mississippi bus accidents are more common than you may expect, with thousands of people receiving injuries every year. With bus accidents on the rise, those who have been injured may be wondering who they should hold liable for their damages and how they can receive compensation.

If you have been affected by a transit collision, speak with an Olive Branch bus accident lawyer as soon as possible following a collision. David E. Gordon is an experienced personal injury attorney who could help hold the right party accountable and recover compensation for your damages.

Unique Circumstances in Mississippi Bus Accidents

Because buses are higher off of the ground than many other vehicles, the passengers inside are not as likely to get in significant accidents as they are in many other modes of transportation. However, when severe bus accidents do happen, the injuries can be catastrophic. Some of the aspects that make bus accidents so unique include:

  • Buses have certain risks due to the fact that they take longer to start and stop than other vehicles. They are also more likely to roll over in the event of a collision.
  • Buses are typically larger than most other vehicles that share the roadways, meaning that dozens of people could sustain harm in an accident.
  • Those who are passengers on a bus are not the only victims in the event of a crash. Usually, these accidents also include other parties such as bicyclists, pedestrians, and passengers of other vehicles. These parties usually sustain such aggressive harm that it could be fatal, or, at the least, they must be hospitalized.

Understanding Common Carrier Laws in Olive Branch

Bus accidents fall under common carrier regulations, which are a special set of laws in Mississippi. A common carrier, by definition, is any type of transportation that a passenger utilizes for a fee. This does not just include buses, but also trains, airplanes, and cruise ships as well. Those who operate these types of transportation vehicles must also carry special licensing to do so.

A common carrier driver has one of the highest standards of care owed to others on the road. This means that the driver of a bus must go above and beyond the care used by other drivers to protect other drivers from unreasonable harm. If a plaintiff can show with the help of an Olive Branch legal professional that negligence led to a bus accident, they may be successful in their claim.

When Transit Collisions Become Government Claims

Another aspect that makes bus accidents so unique is that many public transit vehicles are owned by the municipal government. It can be incredibly complex to bring a claim against the government because of how many more rules there are compared to filing most car accident cases. In many cases, a government claim could receive a denial. This is why victims are urged to file a lawsuit as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, government entities fall under ‘sovereign immunity,’ which is a doctrine stating that a victim cannot sue the government unless permitted by them. Although, if an individual brings a claim, this does not mean that it will automatically receive a denial either. As long as they meet their filing deadlines and have a knowledgeable local attorney on their side, they could be successful in their claim.

Help from an Experienced Olive Branch Bus Accident Attorney

Victims of bus wrecks have the right to file a claim for economic and non-economic damages depending on the circumstances of their accident and the needs of their injury. The damages that a victim can specifically collect will depend on their case.

With the help of an Olive Branch bus accident lawyer, you and David E. Gordon can file a claim if the injuries you incurred in an accident were not your fault. Seek immediate legal representation so that you can move forward and work on your recovery. Call for a free consultation today.

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