Dogs make great companions, but if their behavior gets out of hand around others, an attack could happen and cause significant injuries to others. When a dog bites a person, an owner could actually be liable for the harm that results. Owners have a full responsibility to care for their dogs, including protecting others from possible bites or attacks.

If you have suffered due to an animal attack, it could be crucial that you consult an Olive Branch dog bite lawyer to find out what your options are for recovering losses. David E. Gordon is an experienced personal injury attorney who wants to see you get back to your maximum health without suffering from crippling financial losses.

“One Bite” Rules in Mississippi

There are no specific statutes that cover dog bite claims in Mississippi, but cases over the years have followed something known as the “one-bite” rule. For a victim to be successful in their dog bite case, they must be able to show the following:

  • The dog exhibited dangerous behavior before the attack occurred
  • The owner knew that the dog showed dangerous behavior
  • The owner could have foreseen that their dog might attack someone

In cases where the owner claims that their dog has never acted in a dangerous way or that they did not know their dog was a threat, they may not be able to be held liable for the attack. If there is prior evidence that the dog has bitten somebody in the past, this is evidence that the owner should have known another attack could happen.

Statute of Limitations in Olive Branch Dog Bite Claims

In Mississippi, the statute of limitations outlines how much time somebody has to bring their lawsuit before they are forbidden to do so. The victim of a dog bite has three years to bring a claim under state law. Although this may seem like a lot of time, an individual must bring a claim quickly after a dog bite before evidence starts to vanish. After the statute of limitations has run out, the victim of a dog bite case will find that they have no way of gaining recovery for their injuries.

Damages Available After an Animal Attack

Calculating a person’s losses following a dog bite or attack in Olive Branch can be complicated. In many of these cases, the victim will sustain physical harm above all. Some of the most common injuries that stem from these attacks include wounds, scars, disfigurement, and infections if proper care is not immediately received. The owner of the dog would be liable for these types of damages so that the victim does not have to cover the costs of their injuries on their own.

On top of physical injuries, many of these cases also bring emotional harm. Dog attacks can make victims feel fearful and it is not unusual for them to show symptoms related to PTSD. Cases involving these types of damages are more complex because it is harder to place a dollar amount on these losses. A local representative could help an individual arrive at a number that encompasses all intangible losses and demand the defendant pay for all the damages incurred.

Speaking with an Olive Branch Dog Bite Attorney

When somebody owns a dog, they may not expect an attack to take place. Dogs are capable of causing immense harm to others, and it could take months or even years to recover from one of these incidents.

It is important that an individual who has suffered this kind of event speak with an Olive Branch dog bite lawyer to hold an owner accountable for their negligence. If the owner does not want to take responsibility, let experienced attorney David E. Gordon hold them liable. Call today to move forward with your case.

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